McGregor speeds to €400 fine (but can pay in instalments)

McGregor speeds to €400 fine (but can pay in instalments)

McGregor speeds to €400 fine (but can pay in instalments)

The UFC fighter appeared at Blanchardstown District Court yesterday after he was compelled to by Judge Miriam Walsh. "You can tell him a bench warrant will be coming in his direction if he's not here". "Please don't tell me you earn more than €110 million in a day?"

After being fined the lightweight champion told the court: "I apologise for that".

McGregor is charged with speeding on the N7 Naas Road back in March when he broke the 100km/h limit.

"I have to ask you the question - how much to you earn?" she asked. Judge Walsh then fined McGregor €400 and gave him two months to pay, adding that he could "pay by instalments". After the hearing, McGregor walked outside, flanked by his lawyers and mobbed by paparazzi, hopped in his ridiculously expensive sports auto, rolled down the window and yelled, "Come and get me!" as the driver sped away.

Well, recently the Irish Mirror spoke with McGregor's father, Tony McGregor, who said the rumor is "absolute nonsense". McGregor posted a number of photos on social media site Instagram following the appearance, one featuring a snap of the high powered BMW sports vehicle he showed up to court in, with the hashtag #relaxjudge.

Where not sure we want to see this play out because I might not end up well for the Kinahan gang, seeing as next to Chuck Norris, McGregor is the most risky man in the world.

Last time McGregor's case was before the same court on November 24, his "business manager" appeared in his place. After he arrived, he spent a brief period of time in court before he was fined after pleading guilty. On that date, Judge Walsh said McGregor must either appear in court himself - or send a legal representative.

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