Kulbhushan Jadhav meets his mother, wife in Pakistan

Kulbhushan Jadhav meets his mother, wife in Pakistan

Kulbhushan Jadhav meets his mother, wife in Pakistan

The mother and wife of a former Indian Navy officer, accused of espionage, have met him at the office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad.

Shashi Tharoor, speaking to ANI, said, "In one sense, it is a step forward because 22 months after they arrested this poor man, finally somebody is able to see him". India maintains that he was kidnapped.

Pakistani officials insist Jadhav has confessed before the country's military court that he was tasked by the Indian intelligence agency "to plan, coordinate and organize espionage, terrorist and sabotage activities" against Pakistan. After a brief stay, the mother and wife went to Foreign Office amid tight security. "I am very thankful to the government of Pakistan for the humanitarian gesture", Jadhav was heard saying in the video.

TV footage showed Jadhav's mother Avanti and wife Chetankul entering the ministry building's Agha Shahi Block, accompanied by India's deputy high commissioner JP Singh and a Pakistani woman official. The wife and mother greeted media persons with a namaste after arriving at the ministry but did not respond to their questions.

Pakistan Foreign Office later released pictures of Jadhav talking to his wife and mother from behind a glass screen.

"The family members of Indian spy looked satisfied and they thanked Pakistan for the gesture" said Dr Faisal. It was not known where he had been kept before being transported to the foreign ministry. TV footage showed a convoy of around seven vehicles escorting Jadhav's family in the city.

"Kulbhushan travelled between Pakistan, India, Dubai and Thailand for around 17 times" said the official and added that Pakistan had submitted counter-memorial to India's claim before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on December 13th. The ICJ halted his execution on India's appeal pending the final verdict by it.

"An Indian diplomat was present during the meeting and he could see Jadhav but he was not allowed to speak to him", Faisal said.

In Balochistan, Pakistan's largest but least developed province, security forces have been battling a years-long separatist insurgency that authorities have repeatedly characterised as "terrorism" promoted by hostile states such as India.

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