Julian Assange's Twitter account goes quiet

Julian Assange's Twitter account goes quiet

Julian Assange's Twitter account goes quiet

It wasn't clear whether Twitter suspended Assange's account or whether the serial leaker deleted it himself.

Wikileaks reposted the Navy tweet, saying, "Despite some oddities from the US Navy and Twitter today and increased physical surveillance @JulianAssange's physical situation at the embassy remains unaltered - confined without charge in violation of two United Nations rulings requiring the UK to set him free".

It's also not even certain if Assange is aware his social media profile went down, at least for public view, as he made several posts on the platform in stride the next morning.

The official account of the US Navy posted a tweet that just said "Julian Assange" late on Christmas night.

An alternative account purporting to belong to Assange claimed Twitter deleted the account as he prepared to break a blockbuster story.

Who has the resources to hack him?

Those with secrets want him alive, if he dies the real dirt is released.

Reuters/Paul HackettWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange holds up CD's containing data on offshore bank account holders.

Others, however, were more buoyant following Assange's online disappearance. Searches for 46-year-old Assange's account repeatedly turned up error messages until he tweeted a cartoon of Santa appearing to use WikiLeaks to compose his naughty and nice list, CBS reported.

The official WikiLeaks Twitter account remained live throughout the ordeal and responded to the incident with a cryptic tweet of its own.

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