Google Starts Blocking YouTube on Fire TV, Echo Show

Google Starts Blocking YouTube on Fire TV, Echo Show

Google Starts Blocking YouTube on Fire TV, Echo Show

Amazon responded in a statement, "Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website".

Both companies said they hope to resolve the issue quickly. In 2016, YouTube's viewership on TV screens grew 90% compared to 2015, according to the Google-owned company.

Google has upped the stakes in a bitter ongoing feud with Amazon after decreeing that its YouTube service would no longer be available on Fire TV or the Echo Show video device from 1 January. However, now the world's biggest tech titans are at war again as Google has once more pulled the YouTube app from not only the Echo Show, but also the Fire TV streaming device. Unfortunately, it looks like that version of YouTube is about to disappear from the Echo Show, too. It's understandable that Google is frustrated by Amazon using its service but not selling its products, but pulling YouTube from Amazon's devices means that Google is making it harder to use YouTube on Amazon's hardware. Similarly, Amazon Prime Video doesn't support Google's Cast feature, making it hard to get video to a big screen for Android users.

Google and Amazon are in the middle of a very public fight where neither is the victor, but consumers are the real losers.

Google said this "lack of reciprocity" was the reason it had stopped YouTube support to some Amazon devices. In the statement, YouTube does say that it hopes "to resolve these issues soon".

While YouTube is no stranger to removing its services - in 2o12 it removed itself as one of the iPhone's pre-installed apps, claiming it wanted to "take back control of its app" - in this case it's a reaction to Amazon exercising its dominance of the online retail sector.

Internet giants Amazon and Google have come to blows over the way in which they promote and acknowledge each other on their own platforms.

At the launch of the original Echo in the United Kingdom, we were told that when it came to Google, the 'door is always open';, but it seems that both parties are refusing to compromise.

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