Google Home Max is available to buy in the US

Google Home Max is available to buy in the US

Google Home Max is available to buy in the US

The Chalk model is also up for grabs from Verizon, while the Charcoal one is now listed as out of stock. You can even wirelessly pair two Maxes together for stereo sound.

The Google Home Max is available for purchase at the Google Store, Best Buy, Verizon Wireless and Walmart in charcoal or chalk. It can even blend in with your decor and you can group it with other Google Homes you may have in the house. As far as the price is concerned, the Google Home Max can be yours at $399.

The Google Home Max will work in a multiroom setup with other Home products, plus other speakers with Cast support. It's available in either Chalk of Charcoal coloring options and you can snatch one for $399 a pop. That would allow Google to boost production and compete with Inc., the established and leader in the smart speaker market. It also comes with 0.7 Inch custom tweeters. The most notable products are the second generation Pixels. You only buy a few for one room, but enjoy the experience so much that you go out and buy some more for a different room. Plus, Google Home Max can complete two tasks at once. These respond to voice inputs and indicate the speaker's volume. It also has Bluetooth connectivity on board. It is created to given powerful output compare to other smart speakers available in the market such as Apple's HomePod and Sony's Sonos.

Google introduced a plethora of new devices at their MadeByGoogle event in October this year.

Apple's HomePod is a Siri powered smart speaker which will be equipped with some of the great technical features.

What's your take guys? And since Google Assistant is also built in, you can just tell it what kind of music you want to play. Do share your thoughts and views in front of us.

So, let's recap what Google is doing with the biggest speaker in its lineup. We imagine that'll be changing soon, so stay tuned for more.

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