Bomber 'wanted to damage' NYC with Time Square attack

Bomber 'wanted to damage' NYC with Time Square attack

Bomber 'wanted to damage' NYC with Time Square attack

Police Commissioner James O'Neill identified the suspect as a 27-year-old Akayed Ullah. The explosion has reportedly been recorded on surveillance cameras, and the suspect is believed to be in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital.

An explosion was reported in a subway passage at the Port Authority in New York City during Monday's morning commute.

A total of 4 injuries reported at the scene of an explosion at Port Authority, the New York Police Department said, adding that all injuries are non-life-threatening. Ullah was not licensed to drive a NYC yellow taxi, Fromberg said. The joint terror task force is conducting a background investigation into the suspect.

On October 31, another act of terror killed eight people in New York City.

There is no other immediate threat, according to the mayor.

- Ullah told police he made the device at his workplace, according to a senior NY law enforcement official and a city official being briefed on the investigation. Ullah is seen laying on the ground after the smoke clears.

The bombing, which former New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said he had been told by sources in the department the explosion was an "ISIS-inspired attack", would be New York City's second ISIS-inspired attack in less than two months. Thank God our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation to make sure people were safe.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo described the bomb as "an effectively low-tech device" and said he was grateful the only injuries were minor.

City officials said the suspect did make statements before detonating the device, but they would not yet share what he said Monday morning.

U.S. media is reporting that the suspect told investigators that he was avenging attacks on the so-called Islamic State group and chose the location by its Christmas posters. The suspect is injured in the explosion but is in custody. NY in December sees a surge of visitors who come to see elaborate store displays, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and Broadway shows.

Officials also said that while subways are still skipping the 42nd Street subway stops at Times Square and Port Authority, trains should be back to normal by the evening rush hour. Ullah and five others were injured in the blast, which triggered panic in the busy commuter hub during rush hour.

Elrana Peralta, a customer service worker for Greyhound, said she works in the Port Authority terminal complex near where the blast happened, but didn't hear the explosion.

He also said, "This is NYC, we don't live in fear".

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