Apple fought a company called Steve Jobs Inc. -and lost

Apple fought a company called Steve Jobs Inc. -and lost

Apple fought a company called Steve Jobs Inc. -and lost

They are the owners of the company "Steve Jobs", a clothing and accessory line named after Apple's iconic founder.

A Steve Jobs by any other name doesn't sound as sweet, but is perfectly legal. At least, that's how a court ruled in a two-year-long legal battle between Apple and the company that can now officially call itself Steve Jobs Inc. The founders of Steve Jobs realized Apple hadn't trademarked the name Steve Jobs, probably because of the firing, and trademarked the name themselves.

Of course, Apple sued the brothers over the trademark, targeting their logo with a "J" and a bite taken out of it, which resembled Apple's own logo.

Of course, Apple made a decision to sue them over the trademark and lost their fight in court.

According to Italian reports, the pair were surprised that Apple had not trademarked the name of Apple's founder, who died in 2011, and registered the name in Europe. Apple focused on the logo, but because the letter "j" isn't seen as an edible item, the bite mark in it wasn't viewed by the courts as copying Apple's own logo. It said the brothers should be free to carry on using their trademark. But then, there is a chunk bitten off of it just as with the Apple logo. The logo features what one commentator described as a "very Apple-esque leaf". "The letter J seems 'bitten, ' but it is not, since a letter, as judges have also decided, can not be bitten", they said (translated by Google).

'We are working on a line of highly innovative electronic devices, projects we have been working on for years, ' the pair said. Well, now those different-thinking chickens have come home to roost as Apple has to sit back and watch Steve Jobs jeans take Europe by storm.

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