Tom Baker returns for 'lost' episode of Doctor Who

Tom Baker returns for 'lost' episode of Doctor Who

Tom Baker returns for 'lost' episode of Doctor Who

"'Shada' was one of my favorite Doctor Who stories", Baker recalled.

Namely, a famous unfinished 1979 episode written by sci-fi stalwart Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame, "Shada".

Shada was meant to be the end of the 17th series of Doctor Who, but was abandoned until this year when Charles Norton, a producer, made a decision to revive it for BBC Worldwide. The episode had to be shelved due to an industrial strike at the BBC.

It has also been announced that Tom Baker, now 83 years old, will have a brief cameo in a newly filmed scene, along with his voice for animation.

Tom Baker is returning to Doctor Who to finish a lost episode of the show from 38 years ago. More recently, though, Baker played a mysterious character known as the Curator in 2013's "The Day of the Doctor". On the 23rd, the BBC tweeted a video of Tom Baker wishing Doctor Who a happy birthday, where he called himself the "happiest" of Doctors.

The Guardian reports that the producers of the new footage "used 1970s TV cameras and the original Tardis set and K9 robot dog model to make it look part of the original lost episode".

Despite attempts by new Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner to resume the episodes-scheduled to air January 19-Feb.

"Shada" is now available to buy as a digital download and will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 4 December. Together, they will defeat the alien, Skagra, who has an evil plan of trying to steal intergalactic secrets to the prison planet of Shada. And as to why he chose to return to the role, he explained: "I think it never left me and that's why I can't stay away from it".

"That's why I can't say away from it, it was a lovely time of my life", he told the BBC.

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