Tiger Woods admits 'I'm winging this

Tiger Woods admits 'I'm winging this

Tiger Woods admits 'I'm winging this

Ah, yes. Therein lies the tricky part ...

But early indications are that Woods is in a much better spot now than when he returned a year ago. Most left the island with a nice sliver of optimism that the Great One could be, well, at least very good again. Right now, that's not even a small part of his thought process.

"I haven't really competed in nearly two years, really, " Woods said.

Back to the here and now. Woods seems convinced rolling back the ball would fix problems caused in golf course design and maintenance, as well championship course selection and setup.

That's it. Four days in Albany.

"When I turned pro, I think Jordan was still in diapers", said Woods, who returns this week after a nine-month absence following a fourth back surgery earlier this year. "He was hitting it hard and [in] no pain and looked like he was swinging really well".

"So as my back improved, I've been able to start sleeping again because I don't have the nerve pain going down my leg". I'm trying to take it easy on myself, which usually I'm not.

"I want them to have an understanding of what I do, experience a few events and do kind of what Jack Nicklaus did with his kids". I don't know yet. "I don't know my body yet. Life is so much better". "In an ideal world, I would like to have them feel what some of my past guys had to go against all those years".

"I didn't realise how bad my back was".

During a candid press conference - in which, for the first time he talked about his humiliating episode in May when he was found by police slumped over his steering wheel - the 42-year-old spoke of his determination to prove that he is more than a "YouTube golfer".

Tiger Woods, pictured after he withdrew from the Omega Dubai Desert Classic last February.

His longtime manager, Excel's Mark Steinberg, thinks about the question for a bit - is this really different - and believes it is.

He has since undergone treatment for addiction to prescription painkillers, and asked if he had ever watched back that video footage, Woods replied sharply: 'No'. Charlie was there when I won in Akron, but he doesn't remember it, he was too young. Needless to add, this has added to the unwanted pressure on Tiger when he is only trying to play some good golf. Tiger has said he's surprised himself by how far he can hit the ball, Rickie Fowler revealed Woods is outdriving him, and Justin Rose reports that Tiger looks to be fully healthy. Now it is fantastic to come back and play with my friends, I call them kids actually.

The low point of these two years was the arrest. "But the majority of the public, the media, you wouldn't understand it unless you have lived it". But this summer he took them to Miami to see their soccer hero, Argentine Lionel Messi, and visited with him in the locker room after the game.

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