Target is selling fidget spinners that contain toxic levels of lead

Target is selling fidget spinners that contain toxic levels of lead

Target is selling fidget spinners that contain toxic levels of lead

They're one of the biggest toy fads in recent years, but a new report finds high levels of lead in some fidget spinners sold at Target stores and online.

Target is hawking fidget spinners that contain risky amounts of lead, according to a consumer advocacy group. The center circle of the "Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal" was tested for 1,300 ppm of lead and the arm tested for 520 ppm of lead.

Further, Target spokeperson Lee Henderson leans on the CPSC's classification of fidget spinners as "general use products" rather than "toys".

The research revealed some of the spinners could contain as much as 300 times the federal limit for lead in children's products.

The retailer told researchers that the sale was justified because the spinners aren't marketed to kids. They should also be watching out for any recall notices about the spinners.

Exposure to high levels of lead has been shown to cause lead poisoning, which can cause organ damage and long-term health problems. "All of our product are tested and comply with [Consumer Product Safety Commission] safety standards".

"All fidget spinners have play value as children's toys regardless of age labeling", said U.S. PIRG Education Fund toxics director.

"The two fidget spinners cited in your letter are clearly marked on the package 'appropriate for customers 14 and older, ' and are not marketed to children", a Target official wrote in an email shared with Business Insider. "The CPSC, Target and Bulls i Toy (the manufacturer) need to acknowledge the obvious - that all fidget spinners are toys". "They are not defined by the CPSC as toys".

U.S. PIRG posted on its website that it had alerted Target and the toy's distributer, Bulls i Toy, but both were not addressing the lead concerns. "We can't sit idly by while children play with these toxic toys - and yes, these are toys".

Even though the product isn't considered a toy and says 14+ on the packaging it's sold in the kid toy aisle.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that any amount of lead in a child's blood is unsafe, and that contamination is irreversible.

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