Syria set to join Paris climate Agreement, US remains defiant

Syria set to join Paris climate Agreement, US remains defiant

Syria set to join Paris climate Agreement, US remains defiant

"Canada salutes Nicaragua and Syria for joining on to the Paris Agreement!".

"I would like to affirm the Syrian Arab Republic's commitment to the Paris climate change accord", Syrian Deputy Environment Minister Wadah Katmawi told 196 delegates present at the climate talks in Bonn, Germany yesterday.

President Donald Trump said in June that the United States would withdraw from the accord, saying it put the country at a disadvantage.

"They were the last party to the UN Convention to sign the Paris Agreement", he said, referring to 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the bedrock treaty for UN climate talks.

"As if it wasn't already crystal clear, every single other country in the world is moving forward together to tackle the climate crisis, while Donald Trump has isolated the United States on the world stage in an embarrassing and unsafe position", an environmental NGO, the Sierra Club, relayed in a statement - criticising the United State's position. Nor that Canada won't meet its 2020 or 2030 United Nations greenhouse gas reduction targets unless it buys billions of dollars worth of useless carbon offsets on fraud-ridden global carbon markets.

"That leaves only the one who announced their withdrawal", he added, in an oblique reference to the United States.

"I find it ironic that the government of Syria, OK, would say that it wants to be involved, and that it cares so much about climate and things like Carbon dioxide gas", she told reporters. That part of the ongoing, six-year Syrian civil war in which 470,000 have died, with 13.5 million of the country's 22 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including six million Syrians displaced internally and five million refugees - 33,266 accepted by Canada in 2016 alone.

"We intend to withdraw from the Paris Agreement as soon as we're eligible to do so", she said.

The Trump administration has not said what those terms might be. Paula Caballero, global director of the climate program at the World Resources Institute, tells The Guardian.

In June the USA said it would withdraw, but the rules of the agreement state that this can not be done until 2020.

The Sierra Club points out that no country can formally submit its intent to withdraw until three years after the date of entry into force.

The Trump administration will not be able to formally extricate the USA from the climate agreement until 2020.

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