Rahul Gandhi doesn't even have 'primary knowledge', says PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi doesn't even have 'primary knowledge', says PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi doesn't even have 'primary knowledge', says PM Modi

The Congress, Modi said, is a party that is neck-deep in "corruption, dynastic politics and caste-ism" and claimed: "The Congress party of today has nothing in common with the one that Mahatma Gandhi was a part of..."

"Congress has now become a laughing stock".

Attacking the Himachal government, Modi said that Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh is embroiled in corruption yet the party in manifesto says there will be zero tolerance of corruption.

"Despite not fulfilling 50 per cent of the poll promises, the Congress has yet again come up with the same points, just to make the manifesto look comprehensive", Dhumal said in a statement.

Modi also called the Congress party a "laughing club" and said that its "rotten ideology" must be defeated. "It is time to save Himachal Pradesh from those who looted it...from the monsters", he added.

Modi said the Congress needed to introspect why a "generous country like India" was out to punish its leaders.

The prime minister also brought up India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru with a reference to the Jan Sangh, which he said was created to counter the Congress through the efforts of leaders like Shanta Kumar, a former chief minister of the state and a BJP candidate. While recalling contribution of the central government Shah mentioned that during Modi's tenure a grant of Rs 1,15,846 crore was given to the hill state which was two and a half times more than what the state got during UPA government's tenure.

Commenting on an advantage of Aadhaar card, he said, "We linked it (government schemes) with Aadhaar, started the direct transfer to bank accounts and now Rs 57,000 Crore that was being siphoned off is saved".

This incident has shamed the state government and the people would not forgive the Congress for such heinous act, he said.

Castigating the Congress for raising questions on the surgical strikes a year ago, he said no party or individual had ever questioned the credibility of the Army.

Reaching out to the state's 2.4 million women voters, Modi said if they wanted to secure their children's future, they should ensure at least 5% higher turnout then men.

In his view, the Congress was a group of non-serious people, who did not know what they were doing or saying.

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