Padmavati Cleared By UK Censor But Won't Release. What Twitter Thinks

Padmavati Cleared By UK Censor But Won't Release. What Twitter Thinks

Padmavati Cleared By UK Censor But Won't Release. What Twitter Thinks

Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming directorial "Padmavati" has been facing a lot of backlash from several groups in the country.

When returning Padmavati application to producers, CBFC had said that the new application may have to wait for 68 days - a rule censor board had all along but was never implemented - before it was certified.

As the film was suppose to release on December 1, there are over 50 countries where this process (of certification) is on, he said.

"If historical facts are distorted, and if anything is shown or said in the movie against the respect of the country's mother Padmavatiji, then that movie can not be allowed to release in the land of Madhya Pradesh", Chouhan said.

"It's time for our honourable Prime Minister to say "enough is enough".

The development comes after Amu was served a show cause notice by Haryana state's BJP party chief Subhash Barala, asking him to explain his comments about doubling the bounty on xXx star's and Bhansali's head. The central government has yet to react, however. "There should be a strict action against those persons who are issuing threats to Deepika Padukone", Sena said in the statement.

"Where have we reached as a nation?"

The registered charity, which defines its aim as instilling the cultural values of the Rajput people in the United Kingdom, said it has written to the BBFC to revoke its certification for the film to prevent its release in Britain.

Padmavati has been marred in controversies since its shooting started.

However, the filmmakers have repeatedly denied the movie includes such a scene. She finds mention in the 16th century epic poem "Padmavat".

Rights activists maintain that if government fails to draw clear lines around the threat made by the politician, and discourage a growing sense of impunity for some, incidents like this will only increase and threaten the freedom of expression in the world's biggest democracy. SC had earlier dismissed petitions seeking ban on the film, making it clear that it wants the censor board to come to an independent and considered decision on certifying the movie.

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