NYPD says it is building rape case against Harvey Weinstein

NYPD says it is building rape case against Harvey Weinstein

NYPD says it is building rape case against Harvey Weinstein

It is at least the third Weinstein case that police in NY have examined.

The NYPD is investigating a third sexual assault allegation against Harvey Weinstein - this time from an actress who accuses the fallen movie mogul of raping her in 2010, authorities said. She has publicly accused Weinstein of raping her twice in her apartment in 2010 and called police about it on October 26.

Boyce said that her "ability to articulate each and every minute of the crime, where she was, where they met, where this happened and what he did", made her case believable, the Associated Press reported.

His comment raised the prospect that Weinstein could be arrested if he returns to his native NY from Arizona, where he has been undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation centre. With the case being seven years old, though, detectives are moving forward with evidence first.

Weinstein allegedly offered a ride home to her apartment where he demanded to come inside and have a drink de la Huerta said.

"Things got very uncomfortable very fast", de la Huerta told Vanity Fair.

Following the alleged assaults, de la Huerta says she entered a very dark period, drinking to excess and slipping into depression.

Officers said they had received "multiple complaints" about Weinstein, adding to investigations in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the US. We are actively investigating them.

He faces criminal investigations in New York, Los Angeles and London.

Later that same month, Weinstein showed up uninvited in the lobby of her apartment building. "The investigation is on-going", the NYPD said in a statement Thursday night.

Weinstein, who was ousted from his own company amid the scandal, has repeatedly stated through a spokesman that "allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied".

Is there enough evidence for prosecutors to file charges against Weinstein?

The NYPD continues to work with the Manhattan District Attorney's office on the case.

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