MS-13 Decapitates Man, Stabs Him 100 Times, Rips Heart Out

MS-13 Decapitates Man, Stabs Him 100 Times, Rips Heart Out

MS-13 Decapitates Man, Stabs Him 100 Times, Rips Heart Out

Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, 19, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder after detectives received information it was committed by MS-13 members. The informant told police that Lopez-Abrego was the first person to stab the victim, thrusting a 15-inch knife into the chest.

Detectives learned about the killing in early September from an informant, charging documents state, and about a specific site to search in Wheaton (Maryland) Regional Park, where they found the grave and remains.

The victim, who authorities are still working to identify, was described as a 5-foot-2 Hispanic male, weighing around 126 pounds.

He has been extradited to Montgomery County.

Police have not said why they believe the victim was from Annapolis, and are still working to identify him.

FOX 5 has learned Lopez-Abrego was a student at Northwood High School in Silver Spring, but withdrew from the school previous year.

Initially, Lopez-Abrego was only charged with interfering with an arrest as US marshals worked with Avery County deputy sheriffs to apprehend Portillo-Rodriguez, an official with the sheriff's office said. ICE has now lodged a detainer against him following his arrest. He had short, dark brown hair. An informant led police to a shallow grave and "detailed the choking, stabbing, decapitating and dismembering". Police said the missing tooth would have been obvious when he was speaking or smiling.

Montgomery County's State's Attorney John McCarthy has said MS-13 has been implicated in up to 18 murders over the past two years in Montgomery County.

An informant has come forward with information that Lopez-Abrego, known as "Timido", alerted other gang members of the victim's arrival via walkie-talkie, and also helped dig the grave where the body was found.

The brutal slaying at the Wheaton park is part of a resurgence of killings in the Washington region that police and prosecutors attribute to MS-13.

The man was also wearing black sweatpants with blue athletic shorts underneath them when police recovered his body along with a rosary or necklace.

- A 19-year-old man is being held without bond after being arrested and charged in what authorities say was a gang-related murder.

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