Local massage experts react to sexual assault allegations made against Massage Envy

Local massage experts react to sexual assault allegations made against Massage Envy

Local massage experts react to sexual assault allegations made against Massage Envy

A San Diego woman claims she was raped at a Massage Envy spa in Rancho Bernardo, adding her voice to the more than 180 women across the nation who say they were sexually assaulted or inappropriately touched at Massage Envy spas.

However, it turns out a number of those massages have crossed the line, and now 180 women are coming out with accusations stating they were sexually assaulted while under the parlor's care.

Massage Envy in a statement referred to the incidents described in the report as "heartbreaking" but said that it isn't liable for assaults taking place at the spas because the individual locations are franchises, meaning there are now no protections in place for customers. Since news of Harvey Weinstein's alleged predatory behavior, women across industries have been coming forward with stories of harassment and assault - taking down powerful men and powerful companies in the process.

Adam Horowitz, an attorney who has represented several clients against Massage Envy, says many accusers are making claims that the company's managers are turning a blind eye to these types of complaints.

After the news of the allegations, Massage Envy called each incident "heartbreaking", saying that it will "never stop looking for ways to help our franchisees provide a safe environment".

Oliver asked BuzzFeed News investigative reporter Katie Baker. "She said in a very apparently scripted response, 'We invite you in to talk about your services.' And I said, 'No, no, no, you don't understand, ' " Ingram told CBS News.

The investigation also found that some Massage Envy spas allowed therapists to continue working after being informed of sexual abuse allegations by clients, and worked to avoid interactions with police. She said it occurred at a Massage Envy in Coral Springs. In Florida, a woman said she tried to push away her massage therapist as he licked her vagina.

Massage Envy does not require any of its locations to take steps to prevent or investigate sexual assault (except in a few states where local laws require it by law). The franchisee must also conduct a prompt, fair, and thorough investigation of the allegation, with the assistance of outside experts if needed. With over 15 years and 125 million massages, even one incident is too many. "You don't want cop cars showing up at your location the next day", she told BuzzFeed. "Call the police. I didn't do that, and that is probably the only regret I'll have in life".

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