Justice League Rotten Tomatoes Score Delayed Until Opening Day!

Justice League Rotten Tomatoes Score Delayed Until Opening Day!

Justice League Rotten Tomatoes Score Delayed Until Opening Day!

What made matters more curious still was the fact that Warner Bros. - the studio behind Justice League - owns a stake in Fandango (Rotten Tomatoes' parent company). The new show airs Wednesday nights, hence the delay.

As new reviews of the film come in, it can be expected to fluctuate. And bottom line: Justice League is seriously ho-hum, offering negligible thrills and some screamingly ridiculous plot twists.

But how about the overall rating?

Polygon: There are good, cute and amusing moments that the editing team should be applauded for, but there aren't enough to distract from the attractive, chaotic mess that Justice League ends up being. Turns out, a little of column A, little of column B. This is the moment when a Rotten Tomatoes score has become a product in itself. Not as high as I thought it would be, but high enough that I'll still buy a ticket, perhaps begrudgingly.

It's not as low as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, but it's definitely not anywhere close to Wonder Woman or Man of Steel, even. Although the certification comes along with the reviews, in the case of Justice League the website is withholding the review until the morning the DCEU movie's release.

While Rotten Tomatoes' scores are undoubtedly influential due to the site's popularity, there is considerable difference of opinion as to how accurately they reflect sentiment about movies.

What: A sneak peak at the oddly suppressed Rotten Tomatoes score for Justice League.

Part of the reason many eyes are on how "Justice League" performs is because of the smashing success of "Wonder Woman".

The critics have spoken, the box office projections are set and Justice League is finally hitting theaters.

"The goal of Rotten Tomatoes, as per its own About Us page, is that it "offers the most comprehensive guide to what's fresh".

So, in summation, critics reviews are useful, but more likely to help a great, tiny movie to get attention, rather than stop a awful (or, in this case, mediocre) blockbuster making bank.

On the show See It/Skip It, the score was used to garner attention unlike never before. Expecting to match or exceed the 92 percent of Wonder Woman might have been setting the bar too high, but surely diehard fans of this DC slate of films wanted something north of 50 percent.

On the positive side, there are many sites who are giving the film good reviews, including Variety, The Verge, USA Today and LA Times.

The Daily Dot has contacted Rotten Tomatoes for comment.

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