Israel shoots down Syrian drone approaching Golan Heights

Israel shoots down Syrian drone approaching Golan Heights

Israel shoots down Syrian drone approaching Golan Heights

It was not immediately clear if the drone had reached the Israeli-controlled side of the Golan when it was shot down. It admits the failure of the military solution, but the most risky thing about it is that it accepts the temporary geographic distribution of Syria between four foreign parties which are Russian Federation, the US, Iran and Turkey. All of these facts point to near-future arrangements that aim to impose facts on the ground regardless of the global agreement expected later on. The military existence of Iranians and allies, in this magnitude, is establishing a reality which danger on the region can't be disregarded even more than Israel, which has a massive destructive military force and is an ally of USA that vows to defend it.

Israel, like other countries in the region, underestimated the Iranian infiltration into Syria.

Israel fears an eventual Assad victory could leave Iran with a permanent garrison in Syria, extending a threat posed from neighbouring Lebanon by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and has been lobbying Russian Federation and the United States for reassurances that Iranian and Hezbollah forces will not be allowed to deploy near its border or set up bases within Syria.

However, even if the agreement between the major parties succeeds in suspending the fighting, we must be anxious of the indicators of a new phase of regional confrontations inside and outside Syria.

The pact "does not meet Israel's unequivocal demand that there will not be developments that bring the forces of Hezbollah or Iran to the Israel-Syria border in the north", Hanegbi told reporters Sunday, according to a Reuters report. Pictures show how the IRGC built a series of military bases to become support and funding centers and to represent an Iranian highway between Iraq and Lebanon. Previous Israeli wars were launched against Hezbollah according to how much the party has piled up weapons and expanded - nearly every ten years.

The reason is obvious, and it's that the Syrian regime no longer has military capabilities due to its defeats.

Iran, however, has no borders with Syria; nevertheless, it is the most extended and militarily active country.

While Russian support has kept Assad in power, helping Putin expand Russian clout across the region, the seeking to have influence in any plan to help the nation recover from years of civil war.

Abdulrahman al-Rashed is the former General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel.

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