Iraq govt forces in control of all 'disputed' areas: PM

Iraq govt forces in control of all 'disputed' areas: PM

Iraq govt forces in control of all 'disputed' areas: PM

He also lambasted rival Kurdish political parties and said they were guilty of "treason", referring to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, a party that opponents say struck a deal with Baghdad to withdraw Kurdish forces from the disputed oil-rich city of Kirkuk. Chief of Ibrahim Khalil border crossing, Samal Abdulrahman, told Rudaw he hadn't been contacted by Iraqi or Turkish authorities regarding any changes and that Kurdistan Regional Government was still in control of the checkpoint.

And the suspension of the presidency, said Zaid Ali, author of "The Struggle for Iraq's Future", has created an impossible task for Kurdish lawmakers.

The leader of Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region is stepping down after a failed push for independence.

"As a Peshmerga, I will continue to be at the service of our people".

"They (Baghdad) used the referendum as an excuse". "We thought that the global community would reward the peshmerga and the people of Kurdistan in return".

The September referendum has left the Iraqi Kurdish region increasingly isolated.

Vehicles crossing the border would now be subject to three checks - by Turks, Iraqi forces and the Kurds. Elections were scheduled for November 1 but were suspended after the loss of Kirkuk. The United States had urged the Kurds not to hold the referendum, anxious it would precipitate a backlash. "We do not hope for any more instability in Iraq or in the region".

"We call for adhering to the law and for calm", al-Abadi said from Baghdad, adding that the "political differences" on display in the Kurdish region should not harm the Kurdish citizens of Iraq.

Yet it is unclear if Sunday was the final curtain for Barzani, an ardent Kurdish nationalist since the age of 16 who took up the mantle of his father, the Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani, after his death in 1979.

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