Google, Twitter, Facebook Will Not Endorse Bill For Ad Transparency

Google, Twitter, Facebook Will Not Endorse Bill For Ad Transparency

Google, Twitter, Facebook Will Not Endorse Bill For Ad Transparency

Facebook has admitted that content posted on its network by Russian operatives was seen by around 126 million Americans during last year's presidential election, and it has vowed to "do better" to stop it. The number of daily Facebook users is 1.37 billion.

That comes after Zuckerberg opened wrote in today's earnings release that "We're serious about preventing abuse on our platforms".

Numerous ads released Wednesday came from Facebook pages whose Russian ties were previously reported by CNN, including "Blacktivist", a page created to look like it was run by black American activists, and "Heart of Texas", a page supporting the secession of Texas.

Silicon Valley giants faced aggressive grillings by the Senate and House Intelligence Committees Wednesday over the role their platforms have inadvertently played in Russia's meddling in USA politics.

While the examples of some ads had leaked previously, Wednesday's release was the broadest publication of these falsified campaigns since this issue emerged. It was targeted to places around the USA, including Ferguson, Missouri, the place where one of the people featured in the ad, Michael Brown, lived and died. "Then they are manipulated by foreign actors and foreign agents". Trump on the other hand, may not be a "saint", but "he's at least an honest man and he cares deeply for this country".

The ad was targeted at people in the US who had expressed interest in conservative commentators including Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and also those who expressed an interest in Christianity, Jesus, and "Conservatism in the United States".

The tone of the comments from committee members were similar from members of both parties, though Republicans and Democrats appeared to signal disagreements about what impact the Russian information operation had on the results of an election won narrowly by Republican Donald Trump. Facebook added close to 2,500 people this quarter.

Another pair of ads focused on undocumented Latino immigration.

Facebook now has 2.07 billion monthly users and 1.37 billion people who use the platform every day, according to its earnings report. The post accompanying the image read in part, "Hillary is a Satan". Among those targeted with the ad were those who liked Gun Rights, National Rifle Association and The Second Amendment.

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