First daughters defend Malia Obama after viral videos

First daughters defend Malia Obama after viral videos

First daughters defend Malia Obama after viral videos

The 19-year-old was spotted hanging out with Rory Farquharson, a fellow Harvard student, at a football match against Yale.

Chelsea Clinton, a persistent advocate for privacy when it comes to kids living in the White House, chimed in shortly afterward.

The identity of the mystery man seen kissing former First Daughter, Malia Obama, has been uncovered by DailyMail. Both Malia and Farquharson are Harvard students.

The floppy-haired ex-public school boy is in his second year at Harvard University in the U.S., which is where he met Malia, and he previously attended Rugby School where he was both on the golf team and head boy, according to The Sun.

Footage has emerged showing the couple sharing an intimate moment, with Malia wrapping her arms around the British boy's neck before going in for a kiss.

Malia Obama Gets Her Pregame Makeout On For Harvard-Yale Game
Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton Agree: Media Should Leave Malia Obama Alone

A year ago, Malia's father, former United States president Barack Obama, said that Malia and his younger daughter Sasha had already started dating and that he was "pretty relaxed" about it since they have Secret Service protection. For the better part of 2017, she's been a private citizen.

The only thing I find offensive about about Malia Obama blowing smoke rings is that it confirms she's so much cooler than I was at 19.

"Malia Obama's private life, as a young woman, a college student, a private citizen, should not be your clickbait", she wrote.

Ivanka Trump, current President Donald Trump's eldest daughter, also defended Malia's right to privacy.

First lady Melania Trump thanked Clinton for her defense of her son and called the media coverage a form of cyberbullying. At the time, Bloomberg reported the Obamas said Malia had opted for a gap year in an effort to start her college career without all the distractions having a president for a father can bring.

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