El Paso children adopted on "National Adoption Day"

El Paso children adopted on

El Paso children adopted on "National Adoption Day"

The children live with their new families for at least six months before the adoption is finalized.

The five siblings - Leeann, 14; Marissa, 13; Angie, 11; Isaac, 9; and Lorali, 6 - were among 65 children who gained permanent homes as part of National Adoption Day at Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center in West Dallas.

Ulysses and his wife Ida were chosen by the boys' birth mother to provide the trio a stable home after caring for them for more than a year.

Either family members of the child or an unrelated family then go through weeks of training and allow themselves and their homes to be investigated before they can adopt. "I mean, you can't help but love her, whenever you see and you spend time with her, you just fall in love with her".

"Your friends are probably not going to understand why you love me", Hill said she told the children.

This is Brooke and Cameron Holley's first adoption, and for them, Thanksgiving and Christmas will no longer be the same.

"You know we're just happy to do it, we look forward to every day".

She got her wish four years later, after her brother had been living with her as a foster child for almost a year.

Brooke said, "The timing worked out flawless and sometimes in life, timing is everything and just believe that God worked the timing out in our favor and that she was always supposed to be here".

Twenty-five-year-old Chelsea Loughin was just adopted five years ago.

Joshua Cohn told us, "It's pretty fantastic".

"It was important to keep them together", Mary Balzer said.

Her youngest daughter is no longer able to take care of her son and Hernandez was determined he wouldn't end up in the foster care system.

One of those children is a little girl named Elise Broch.

Details on that, plus more on the adoption process, can be found by visiting Tuesday's Children.

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