Cellphone ban considered for White House staff

Cellphone ban considered for White House staff

Cellphone ban considered for White House staff

Beset by an incredible degree of technical incompetence and enough leaks to sink Atlantis, President Donald Trump's administration is now mulling a White House-wide ban on the use of personal cell phones, Bloomberg reported. Bloomberg hears from some officials who say that the ban is driven by cybersecurity concerns.

Last month, Politico reported that White House officials believed Mr Kelly's personal mobile phone had been compromised for months, raising the prospect that foreign adversaries may have gained access to data on the device.

Kelly noticed his phone wasn't working properly and handed it over to White House tech support, only for them to find it had been "externally breached", according to a segment in October where Rachel Maddow detailed the incident.

President Donald Trump has complained about press leaks multiple times since taking office but this potential ban is reportedly not because of those concerns. White House staff said they feared being accused of using government resources to make important personal calls, and that personal calls made on work phones could potentially be made public because of record-keeping procedures.

This plan would ban personal device use for all staff in the executive office of the president, though we still don't have clear indication of when the administration will move ahead with the idea.

The White House already takes certain precautions with personal devices, requiring that they be left outside of the room when classified material is being discussed. Trump raised security concerns in May when he handed out his personal number to world leaders in Mexico, Canada and France, breaking diplomatic protocol, the Associated Press reported. Other communication methods also are not available - phones issued by the White House are unable to send text messages, and staff members are blocked from sites such as Gmail and Google Hangouts, the report said.

Staffers were also instructed not to use their personal or regular work mobile phones during President Donald Trump's trip to China earlier this month.

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