Apple reports earnings after the bell

Apple reports earnings after the bell

Apple reports earnings after the bell

While the company usually doesn't have to work too hard to promote its new devices, today Apple released a roundup of the top favorable quotes from sites like CNET, The Verge and TechCrunch. Long lines were already forming outside Apple retail stores ahead of the Friday launch.

When contacted, a representative from iWorld from Kamla Nagar said they did not have any iPhone X stock yet.

Apple gave a gross margin forecast of 38 percent to 38.5 percent, higher than many analysts expected because new products often have higher costs.

Now all eyes are on the next quarterly result, which will have two months of sales of the X, and 3 months of the 8 and 8 Plus.

But this year, Apple shifted its sales strategy to introduce two new slightly improved models, the 8 and 8 Plus, and a third phone, the X. iPhone 8's went on sale September 22, but Apple held back the big guns for November 3, when the state-of-the art, $999 X hits store shelves.

Apple shook off some fears about waning iPhone sales, soaring past estimates for its fourth-quarter earnings and posting sales increases in every product category. "That's a few coffees a week".

Cook and Maestri said key factors in the growth of the Mac division included rising demand in China, as well as strong sales in the enterprise and education markets. "Less than a coffee a day at one of these nice coffee places".

A merchant at the Huaqiangbei electronics hub in Shenzhen, who was offering an iPhone look-a-like called the "E-Feng X" from 1,599 yuan, said sales volumes were "very good". The phone is instead unlocked with a so-called Face ID system, which uses a depth-sensing camera on the front of the phone to let the user unlock it with his or her face. Other Products includes the AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPod touch, Beats headphones, and all other Apple-branded and third-party accessories.

Around 400 people lined up outside Apple's flagship Sydney branch to pay A$1,579 ($1,218) for the 10th-anniversary model, and Chief Executive Tim Cook has billed the glass and stainless steel device "the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone".

Cook stressed that the devices have been selling well, but admitted the staggered launch of two new iPhone models marks a new approach for the company with certain unknowns.

Even with the iPhone X's delayed release, Apple is still struggling to catch up. And the report barely raises the curtain on sales of the iPhone 8 series.

Apple still was able to blast through forecasts, reporting revenue of $52.6 billion, up 12% from the year ago quarter, and easily beating analyst expectations of $50.7 billion for the September-ending quarter collected by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Apple sold 10.3 million iPads, 46.7 million iPhones, and 5.4 million Macs during the quarter.

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