50 people displaced after floor collapses during party

50 people displaced after floor collapses during party

50 people displaced after floor collapses during party

The floor's collapse caused the apartment's sprinkler system to go off, WFAA ABC8 reported.

Officials said no major injuries were reported, but a few people were treated for minor injuries on the scene, according to NBC 5. The junior at the University of North Texas said he was dancing when the collapse occurred and also fell into the apartment below.

Video posted to social media shows a crowd of people jumping up and down in the third-floor apartment before the floor collapsed, tumbling into the second-floor unit.

A party at the University of North Texas was apparently so lit this weekend that the floor actually collapsed.

Carley Carroll, a second-year student who lives directly below the unit where the party was being held, says she wasn't home when the accident happened, but says she lost everything.

Damage visible from the outside after the floor collapsed at a North Texas apartment complex during a party. A general manager at the complex told residents in an email that a structural engineer will evaluate the building and that those who were displaced would be reimbursed for lodging expenses, the Denton Record-Chronicle reports.

Police estimate there were 100 people at the party.

"TV's, computers, just everything".

"We've called and said, 'It looks like the ceiling is going to cave in, ' so I feel like with us saying that, there could've been more that was done", she said.

Another student, Davion Keys, said the water pipes busted when the floor collapsed.

Most of the residents at the Ridge Apartments are OK.

Denton Police told FOX 4 they have received previous noise complaints, but people have mostly left the party by the time officers arrive.

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