YouTube TV finally gets a home on big screens

YouTube TV finally gets a home on big screens

YouTube TV finally gets a home on big screens

Google rolled out YouTube TV earlier this year and it has been expanding ever since.

YouTube is starting the rollout with Android TV devices and the Xbox One, followed by apps for LG and Samsung smart TVs, and then dedicated apps for Apple TV and Roku.

The app will enable users to control the live TV experience with their TV's remote control or game controller. You won't have to do anything the YouTube TV app will just show up on your Nvidia Shield with this 6.1 update. Meanwhile, there will be a dark background for what YouTube calls a "cinematic look".

The TV app marks the first time YouTube TV has been unchained from smartphones, and comes as the streaming service is set to expand its reach to almost all major markets in the U.S. By launching an app that doesn't depend on Chromecast and a smartphone, Youtube TV can now broaden its reach and hook people who may not have previously considered the service.

"If you love the simplicity of finding your favorite content on the mobile app, you'll be happy to know you'll still find our signature tabs on the TV app as well-home, live and library", Ikhena wrote.

This guide resembles a traditional cable TV guide with its rows of channels and programming by time slot.

YouTube TV, which launched in April, offers access to live TV from more than 40 networks. Instead, it will play in the background for you to watch when you finish changing settings or checking what else is airing at the moment. The younger population rather enjoys watching videos on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets rather than using a big TV screen.

Christian Oestlien, product management director at YouTube TV told The Verge that while they positioned the service as a "mobile-first product", a lot of that was about breaking the association with the DVR and set-top box.

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