White House says women with harassment claims against Trump are liars

White House says women with harassment claims against Trump are liars

White House says women with harassment claims against Trump are liars

Dressed up as an assortment of fictional characters, from Star Wars figures to heroes in comic series, children were in the Oval Office with Trump for one of the year's coveted photo-ops: a spooky photo shoot with the president.

Trump also complimented another little girl on her purple hair prior to the children and press being prompted to leave the room.

"I can not believe the media produced such handsome children", he remarked, evoking laughter.

President Trump finally had a good word for the media on Friday - praising the White House press corp for giving birth to "such handsome children". "You gonna grow up to be like your parents?"

As he handed out candy with the White House logo on it from a box on his desk, he turned to a child to his right and commented on her weight, saying, "Well you have no weight problems, that's the good thing right?" Trump told the children to take as much candy as they wanted and gave the kids extra candy to give to their friends.

"You're so strong", said the grinning Mr Obama, pretending to be knocked over by the force of the gleeful child's high five.

And, of course, Huckabee Sanders might get at least one question about those JFK files released yesterday and how some, but not all, of them ended up being released. "Lovely. I'm going to be in Japan in two weeks".

Earlier this month, Trump commented on the many allegations of sexual harassment against him and said that they are all "made-up stuff". "So you take out whatever you need. We have plenty", he added.

Not to worry. Donald had soon moved on to telling the room "These are lovely, wonderful children". The children were the progeny of White House press corps members, and Trump had backhanded compliments for the parents of the kids who participated in the trick-or-treat session.

"So how does the press treat you?"

The White House Halloween Party will include "bats and orange pumpkins with profiles of past presidents", according to the release.

During the event, the Trumps will hand out cookies made at the White House Pastry Kitchen, as well as Presidential M&M's - the commemorative, coloured chocolates given to guests of the President - and other sweets.

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