Trump to Tillerson: Let's have an IQ contest

Trump to Tillerson: Let's have an IQ contest

Trump to Tillerson: Let's have an IQ contest

President Donald Trump is challenging his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an IQ test.

President Donald Trump said last week that he would test higher than Secretary of State Rex Tillerson if the two were to take IQ tests after the top us diplomat reportedly called his boss a "moron".

However, Trump told Forbes that if Tillerson called him that, "I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests, and I can tell you who is going to win", but Gingrich said he believes "that was a joke".

"Tillerson led one of the largest corporations in the world", Gingrich told Fox News' "America's Newsroom" anchor Bill Hemmer, while responding to statements made by Trump in an extensive Forbes interview.

In a rare public address on October 4, Tillerson denied the reports he considered resigning, but when asked point blank, didn't deny insulting Trump, though the State Dept. spokeswoman later denied it for him.

President Donald Trump said Monday that United States policy toward North Korea has been a failure for a quarter of a century, falsely asserting that Washington has been paying "extortion money" to Pyongyang as it developed atomic weapons. If Tillerson has any self-respect left he'll use it as an opportunity to tender his resignation.

Trump has suggested before that he was eying an executive order that would allow individuals to purchase insurance across state lines through so-called health associations, which Republican Senator Rand Paul has advocated.

Many were policies Democrats have said explicitly are off the table and threaten to derail ongoing negotiations over legislation protecting young immigrants known as "Dreamers".

Trump's relationship with Tillerson has been especially strained every since reports that the secretary of state called the President a "moron" at a meeting at the Pentagon earlier this year.

"I think the most immediate action that we need is to calm things down", Tillerson added.

Trump said Tillerson "never threatened to resign" and the news network would have known that if it had spoken to him about the matter before publishing its report. His spokeswoman later said he never used such language.

Mr Trump is due to have lunch on Tuesday with Mr Tillerson.

Trump has called the deal an "embarrassment" and threatened to decertify it before an October 15 deadline. "Your stock market is at an all-time high", he said.

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