The 20 Best Tom Petty Songs, Ranked

The 20 Best Tom Petty Songs, Ranked

The 20 Best Tom Petty Songs, Ranked

Bob Dylan who was Petty's buddy and Traveling Wilburys bandmate told Rolling Stone in a remark. "I think faith is very important just to get through life. He was a great performer, full of light, a friend, and I'll never forget him".

Tweeted the E Street Band's Steven Van Zandt: "Man this can not be happening".

In the end, Tom Petty found himself satisfied with his body of work-"the soundtrack to his life", as he told Esquire in 2006, taking note of his long and winding journey to success.

It's the ultimate modern folk song, a song of love and friendship that is deeply poignant without being cloying. "A brother and true believer". "God bless you! Goodnight!" said Petty just before walking off the stage.

- "It is so rare to find someone who commands such universal respect in the business".

I was at a music festival where the rock group The Shins were playing. The album Southern Accents included an Alice in Wonderland-inspired song, "Don't Come Around Here No More", with Petty dressed as the Mad Hatter chasing Alice through Wonderland, eventually dropping her into a cup of tea and then eating her slice by slice as if she were a sheet cake.

AN audio of the 911 call Tom Petty's wife made after she discovered her American rocker husband wasn't breathing has been released.

Added Guns n' Roses guitarist Slash on Instagram: "Devastating news about #TomPetty A profound loss". "What a sad day".

The rocker's vivid story-song is turned into a more than 6 ½-minute mini-movie with Johnny Depp starring as Eddie Rebel and featuring Faye Dunaway, Gabrielle Anwar and action figure-size versions of Petty and his bandmates, who also make full-size appearances.

Fellow artists and celebrities took to social media to grieve Petty's death. When asked if he would get a medical recommendation, he just laughed and told them, "I've had a pipeline of marijuana since 1967".

"#RIPTomPetty", Sheryl Crow said. "This is unbearable", she tweeted. Music seems like such a hard thing to write about, and I greatly admire those who do it well. You brought us so much joy, [Tom Petty].

- "RIP @tompetty you will be missed".

At first, some of the audience members looked a little skeptical - this was, after all, a far cry from the kind of music that Petty was about to play - but soon the group had the crowd participating a Nat King Cole cover, "hand-clappin' tunes" such as "If I Had a Hammer", and the wonderful multi-octave harmonies of "Deep River".

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' self-titled album dropped in 1976, and although it would eventually go gold and produce two classic rock radio staples with the singles "Breakdown" and "American Girl", the album (and those singles) weren't big hits upon initial release ("Breakdown" would later peak at No. 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 after being rereleased).

Petty's last stage appearance took place September 25 at the Hollywood Bowl, the last of three sold-out shows there marking the finale of the band's extensive North American tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of their self- titled debut album.

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