Tesla Recalls 11000 Model X SUVs

Tesla Recalls 11000 Model X SUVs

Tesla Recalls 11000 Model X SUVs

Palo Alto, California-based Tesla had recalled 2,700 Model X SUVs in the United States in April 2016 due to a faulty locking hinge in the third-row seats. If improperly installed, the latch may not properly engage the seat, causing it and passengers seated into it to dislodge from the vehicle during a crash. The automaker says it has seen no reports of injuries from the issue, which was discovered during internal testing.

Owners of impacted units will be notified by Tesla.

Though Tesla says it is informing affected Model X owners of the recall now, there is currently no information about the defect in NHTSA's SaferCar.gov database.

Tesla added it could address all of the needed repairs with its mobile fix service.

It's important to stress that this recall is voluntary, and that means it can't be too serious. During recent internal testing, Tesla determined that a small number of cables in the second row fold-flat seats in some 2016 and 2017 Model X vehicles may need to be adjusted.

Tesla Model X had a similar seat problem before. To date, the company has informed Manufacturers' Monthly that there are no accidents or issues related to this condition and they have issued the voluntary recall letter to potentially affected Australian customers' vehicles today to confirm if any adjustments were needed.

"Until then, there is no issue with continuing to drive your Model X", Tesla wrote in the email. Customers can choose to use the mobile service or to visit a service center, but either way, no new parts are necessary. The SUVs were manufactured from October 28, 2016, to August 16, 2017.

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