Taliban Bomb Afghan Military Base In Kandahar

Taliban Bomb Afghan Military Base In Kandahar

Taliban Bomb Afghan Military Base In Kandahar

Analysts say Islamabad has been urging Washington to target militants who attack inside Pakistan and hide over the border in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have killed at least 43 Afghan soldiers in an attack that wiped out an army camp in the southern Kandahar province, the Defense Ministry said today (19).

The Taliban claimed responsibility for Thursday's attack.

Afghan officials recently thwarted plans for attacks in Kabul that would have targeted military facilities, convoys and crowded areas, arresting three people inside vehicles carrying explosives.

Only two of the soldiers stationed at the base escaped the attack unhurt. Security officials said on Thursday over 80 people were killed, of which at least 60 were security force members.

A local security official told RFE/RL that a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle filled with explosives near the base, before a number of gunmen launched an assault against the facility.

The attack occurred in Maiwand district of Kandahar, Tolo news reported.

Just two soldiers were known to have survived unscathed, with nine wounded and six unaccounted for, officials said, underscoring the shocking casualties that Afghan security forces have faced in their struggle to beat back the insurgents. "In the clashes, 43 have embraced martyrdom, 9 are wounded, 6 are missing and 2 have survived", Gen. Dawlat Waziri, spokesman for the MoD said. Both involved insurgents taking captured vehicles, including Humvees paid for by the USA military, packing them with explosives and detonating them at the compounds.

"The enemy has people inside the bases in Afghanistan and in security agencies".

Wednesday night's attack was one of a number of deadly incidents to hit Kandahar province in the past few months.

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