Supreme Court refuses to recall order on National Anthem

Supreme Court refuses to recall order on National Anthem

Supreme Court refuses to recall order on National Anthem

A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra refused to modify its November order under which it had issued a slew of directions on when and how the national anthem must be played.

The court then told attorney general K.K. Venugopal that the Centre should take a call on amending the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act (Flag Code), which governs the playing the national anthem in public places and on certain occasions.

Supreme Court was declared that patriotism can not be forced through court orders and that whether or not a person stand for the Anthem can not be used as a measure of patriotism. It said that it would instill a sense of patriotism if people stood up when the National Anthem was being played at cinemas.

People go to cinema for undiluted entertainment.

"Why do we have to wear patriotism on our sleeves?"

Nearly eleven months after the Supreme Court made it mandatory for cinema halls to play National Anthem before screening of films, the court on Monday hinted at modifying its order to make playing of National Anthem optional to stop moral policing on the name patriotism. With the plaintiff also seeking several other directions, the main case and other tagged cases are still pending. "Where does the moral policing stop", the court also observed orally. Can you say this is disrespect to the national anthem? Finally, the court left it to the discretion of the government to bring out any notification, if necessary, to take a call to make or not make the playing of the National Anthem mandatory in cinema halls, uninfluenced by the Court's earlier order. Attorney General K K Venugopal represented the Centre in court.

LiveLaw reported that the Supreme Court hinted at recalling its order, and that it is up to the government to decide. The court said that the center should not be influenced by any of the earlier orders or current observations of the Supreme Court in this matter.

The court had made it mandatory for all those in the cinemas to stand up as a sign of respect when the anthem is played. Where do we draw a line? He expressed unhappiness over the government supporting the order which mandates standing up for the National Anthem. Justice Chandrachud said: "People wear shorts and go to cinema".

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