South Georgia blood donations to help Las Vegas victims

South Georgia blood donations to help Las Vegas victims

South Georgia blood donations to help Las Vegas victims

As America reels from the worst gun massacre in United States history, many are asking how they can help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting that left more than 50 dead and at least 500 injured.

United Blood Services blood center in Las Vegas has provided almost 200 units of blood and blood products so far to area hospitals treating victims of the concert shooting Sunday night.

Blood products have a limited shelf life - 42 days for red blood cells and just five days for platelets and must therefore be constantly replenished.

People can learn about blood donation and follow the need for donation on the blood center's web site.

By 10 a.m., ABC News estimated that the wait at one location had reached five hours, as hundreds of people lined up to try and be of service. So when more than 500 people were injured in Las Vegas and 59 died, Coloradans responded.

"Giving blood is the right thing to do every single day and if you're eligible to donate it's a healthy thing to do", explained Michaels.

Officials are also calling for eyewitnesses to share any footage of the attack with police to help them piece together events of the devastating night. It may not help the people particularly in Las Vegas but it could certainly help someone here in our community. Last Monday, 371 people either registered or donated.

In times of tragedy, like in Las Vegas and with the recent hurricanes, Coats said blood donations tend to rise, but oftentimes it's before the tragedy happens that they're needed the most.

Bloodworks representatives said they contacted United Blood Services in Las Vegas, which said that while they have enough blood for the immediate future, additional supplies will be necessary.

Blood has a shelf life, so it is important donations are given on an ongoing basis.

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