Ophelia becomes 10th hurricane of the season

Ophelia becomes 10th hurricane of the season

Ophelia becomes 10th hurricane of the season

Perhaps the most impressive statistic is that if Ophelia strengthens to a hurricane, which it is forecast to do, it will be the tenth consecutive hurricane.

The non-tropical phase of Ophelia may feature a larger, more intense storm that could bring a range of hazards to Ireland and the United Kingdom, from damaging winds to punishing waves.

Forecasters expect Ophelia to continue to slowly move on a northeast track before accelerating toward Europe. As of October 11th, we have seen 15 named storms, 10 have been hurricanes, and 5 were major hurricanes.

After briefly becoming a tropical storm, Lee degenerated into a remnant low on September 18 about halfway between West Africa and the Lesser Antilles. This type of post-analysis occurs after every hurricane season, sometimes leading to the addition of previously unnamed storms or tweaking of tropical cyclone intensities.

While Ophelia may lose the technical aspects that make it a hurricane, it could still pack a punch.

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After it has hit Portugal, the remnants of Ophelia could bring strong winds to the UK.

Tropical Storm Ophelia is the latest weather system to whip up winds and rain in the Atlantic. On average through this date, we only have nine named storms - five hurricanes and two major hurricanes.

The current forecast has Ophelia becoming subtropical before it reaches the Iberian Peninsula.

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