'Nothing has changed' between Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson: White House

'Nothing has changed' between Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson: White House

'Nothing has changed' between Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson: White House

"A lot of times you have opinions that are being presented as news, and they're not".

However, a State Department spokeswoman later said that Tillerson has never disparaged Trump with that kind of language.

"We're going to continue doing that".

After a dinner meeting with his generals and their spouses, Trump had reporters come in for a quick comment, telling them, "maybe it's the calm before the storm".

If you're wondering whether President Donald Trump's long history of misconduct with women, most notable his boast about serial sexual assault, had anything to do with Sanders's silence, perhaps it would be instructive to look back at how the allegedly God-fearing flack reacted to that revelation at the time. "The president can move markets and cause miscalculations when it comes to adversaries" like North Korea, Iran and Russian Federation.

Throughout Friday's briefing, Sanders continually reiterated the White House's message that the administration does not share its actions ahead of time. "I'm not aware of anything specific that that was in reference to".

Sarah, why did the president tweet this morning that he'd like to see the Senate Intelligence Committee investigate news outlets - In, I guess, this quest to go after fake news, does he value the First Amendment as much he values the Second Amendment?

When pushed on what he meant by "chaos", the Tennessee senator replied that those three officials "work very well together to make sure the policies we put forth around the world are ... sound and coherent".

Huckabee Sanders responded to the Ryan's question by saying that the visit was not at all "controversial" and was in fact "widely praised, even by a Democrat Governor".

Trump, who earlier said Iran had "not lived up to the spirit" of the nuclear deal, was expected to "decertify" and denounce the controversial accord as not being in the USA national interest, passing the issue to Congress.

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