Google Home Mini: Everything you need to know

Google Home Mini: Everything you need to know

Google Home Mini: Everything you need to know

The Google Home Max comes with the Google Assistant support which can identify you even when music is playing at a full volume! Aptly, its called chalk.

The Google Home Max will be available in the United States in December, but pre-orders will open 13 November´╗┐.

For instance, users can attach separate Google accounts to the Assistant and have Google Home recite different calendar appointments depending on the voice it hears. If you love Google Assistant and its ecosystem, this is now the easiest, cheapest way to integrate it into you life. The device will be available in stores from October 19, with pre-orders opening today.

Google Home Max is a large speaker, and it's housing some serious hardware behind that friendly facade. But the Max speaker will work with a wider range of music-streaming services than the HomePod, which is created to be a companion to Apple Music. Home Max employs two 4.5-inch woofers, which can extrude to an impressive 22mm to deliver improved bass, along with a pair of dedicated tweeters to complete the audio spectrum.

Google also took the stage to announce Broadcasts, a small addition that should come pretty handy in times - and pretty annoying at other times.

Google Home is getting bigger, in more ways than one: Google announced a few updates for its smart home speaker line, and one is the Home Max, a larger version that packs in stereo speakers and more premium looks and materials.

It's about a fifth of the size of the standard Google Home. It also supports Chromecast, Bluetooth, and Aux In, so you can use the Home Max as your dedicated speaker for your phone, record player, or anything else.

And we can confirm that fact as we munched on the sugary snack while we inspected Google's latest smart home speaker. It can even call your friends for free (in the USA and Canada, the feature is coming to the United Kingdom later this year).

The Home will also receive integration for Android's Find My Phone feature, which allows you to locate any Android device of your own using a browser or an app. After all, the thing is a not-so-subtle copy of the Play:5 speaker, down to the ability to use it in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

In the U.S. the Max will cost $399.

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