Eminem slams Trump in lyrical tirade

Eminem slams Trump in lyrical tirade

Eminem slams Trump in lyrical tirade

NBC's own Seth Meyers took a page out of Eminem's playbook, telling his fans that they had to choose between his show and President Trump.

Eminem did a four and a half minute rap at BET Hip Hop Awards lambasting Trump as a racist.

The rapper also reference Trump's latest battle, which has been with the NFL - or more specifically players who have protested during the playing of the national anthem.

Since Eminem's declaration swept the internet, a new Reddit thread titled "Huge Eminem fan and a Trump supporter" has popped up and immediately began garnering responses from conflicted Eminem fans who just don't seem to want to let go of their favorite reality-star-turned-politician.

(.) All se bad tragedies must be boring you - which is boring/Packers (NFL team), and it adds up to Twitter (.) And if re are supporters among my fans/draw a boundary between us (.) You're eir with him or against him, and if you can't decide who you love more, and if you don't know who you're going to stay with/who you are, let me help you with that.

"Now the title of Eminem's rap was 'The Storm, ' so naturally Donald Trump reacted by throwing rolls of paper towels at him", Corden said, referencing Trump's visit to Puerto Rico where he was spotted throwing paper towels at a crowd. You're either with Seth or you're not (insert middle finger).

Meyers wasn't the only host across the late night dial to address Marshall Mathers' rap, however, as Jimmy Kimmel also name-dropped the rapper in his opening monologue.

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