Classic New Mutants Artist Proud Of Cast And Film

Classic New Mutants Artist Proud Of Cast And Film

Classic New Mutants Artist Proud Of Cast And Film

What's scarier, seeing Arya Stark in danger, screaming for her life, or the familiar sounds of a Pink Floyd classic playing in the background?

Created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod in the early 1980s, The New Mutants was the first "X-"Men comic spinoff".

Its next attempt is The New Mutants, and based on the trailer it's far more creepy and unsettling than any other X-Men-related project so far. The New Mutants certainly looks like it will bring something new to the table, and it seems like a risk worth taking - but whether or not said risk will bear fruit remains to be seen.

What makes The New Mutants first trailer truly scary are the visual images and the deep eerie background sound and audio bringing goosebumps!

The New Mutants follows a group of troubled teens who have been sent to what appears to be an asylum for young mutants. Williams and Heaton star alongside 13 Reasons Why's Henry Zaga, The Originals's Blu Hunt, and The Witch's Anya Taylor-Joy as young mutants who are being kept in a secret facility by some sketchy scientists.

We can't say we saw this one coming.

Dr. Cecilia Reyes, played by Alice Braga in a role that was originally going to go to Rosario Dawson, is the one in charge of the whole operation and is responsible for the teenager's trauma. This isn't your typical superhero movie.

X-Men: The New Mutants will be released on April 13, 2018.

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