Brazil nursery arson attack: Four toddlers burnt alive

Brazil nursery arson attack: Four toddlers burnt alive

Brazil nursery arson attack: Four toddlers burnt alive

Rodrigues confirmed that the man who was believed to have started the fire died shortly after being taken to the hospital, CNN reported.

In Brazil, at least four children and a teacher were killed after a security guard allegedly set fire to a childcare centre.

The suspect also set himself on fire and was taken to hospital with burns covering nearly all his body after the attack at Innocent Children's People Municipal Education Centre in Janaúba, in Minas Gerias, south east Brazil.

Janauba's mayor has declared a seven-day mourning period.

The incident left the perpetrator "with burns all over his body", Bruno Ataide Santos, director of the local hospital stated. With only 2 hospitals in the small town of 80,000 people, numerous more seriously hurt were taken by police helicopter to Minas Gerais' capital Belo Horizonte, more than 500 kilometers away.

Of the 25 people who were injured, 22 were children - the parts of the body and the extent to which each victim was burned vary considerably, but a lot of them are in critical condition.

According to local media reports, 50-year-old Damiao Soares dos Santos, who served as security guard in Janauba region of town of Belo Horizonte, gave fire to alcohol on children and teachers in nursery where he worked.

Her father Nelson de Jesus Silva said: My daughter was very special, smart.

Police said officers went to the suspect's home and visited his relatives to try to understand the motive for the attack.

While interrogation, Police officials found many alcohol bottles at his residence.

"I deeply regret this tragedy with the children in Janauba", Brazilian president Michel Temer tweeted. "I want to express my sympathy to the families".

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