Attention All Rick and Morty Fans! The Sauce Is Back!

Attention All Rick and Morty Fans! The Sauce Is Back!

Attention All Rick and Morty Fans! The Sauce Is Back!

McDonald's announced on October 1 - the day the Rick and Morty season finale aired - they would resurrect the now-famous Szuechuan dipping sauce at select restaurants for one day only: Saturday, Oct 7. Earlier this year, the Adult Swim cartoon's season 3 premiere delivered a masterstroke example of this tendency with an extended digression about Szechuan sauce, a special chicken nugget dipping sauce that McDonald's once issued for a limited time as promotion for the Disney animated film Mulan.

McDonald's says they're bringing back the sauce to go with their buttermilk crispy tenders.

Now, McDonald's across Tampa Bay - and the country - are likely to have long lines on Saturday as devoted fans try get their hands on a limited edition McNugget sauce from the '90s the show made popular.

In one of the episodes, the main character of the show, mad scientist Rick Sanchez, proclaims his obsession with the tangy sauce, vowing to stop at nothing to find more of it.

The McDonald's at 405 S.E. 131st St. will package the sauce with the sale of buttermilk chicken tenders, while supplies last.

Harmon spoke with Polygon at New York Comic Con this week and revealed that even he didn't see a one-off joke about the Mulan movie tie-in promotional sauce from 1998 going this far.

The sauce will come, according to a report, in a standard sized packet and has matching art to the alien-themed limited edition posters that McDonald's will be giving out on Saturday as well.

A search for 4500 University Ave., Madison, on Google Maps shows two results: one for McDonald's and another for "Szechuan Sauce Place". "Look, I'm not being sarcastic when I talk about this".

Fans have fallen back in love with the sauce after it was name-dropped in an episode of "Rick & Morty".

There's a full list of the almost 1,000 restaurants that will have sauce at

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