Apple Looks Into iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Battery Swelling

Apple Looks Into iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Battery Swelling

Apple Looks Into iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Battery Swelling

Numerous users around the world have reported their iPhone 8 or 8 Plus opening up due to a swollen battery. The hope, of course, is that Apple finds this was limited to just a few defective handsets, and that it isn't something iPhone 8 users in general need to worry about. No accounts of iPhone 8 explosions or fires have been reported so far.

It is quite surprising that the 5.5-inch phone would split open like this especially when separating the display side of the handset itself requires a lot of force and delicate hands plus a combination of prying tools. Today, state run media in China reported that a consumer in the country with the surname Liu, received his iPhone 8 Plus with the device cracked open in the box. This was followed by multiple reports of the same incident in Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.

In an incident in Greece, another user told MacRumors that their phone's battery swelled after they unboxed the device and plugged it in overnight.

Apple has another new iPhone model still to come. There was no external sign of burning nor any chemical reaction, and the phone's insides were exposed. The company will be keen to avoid a repeat of the debacle surrounding Samsung's Galaxy Note8 handset which had to be scrapped past year after the batteries in a small number of units exploded.

Apple, at first, took its traditional approach of looking down its nose at the complaints and refused to say anything.

Jaffe suspects Apple's executives are "in crisis mode" over the potential damage that battery issues could lead to.

Apple Inc. shares fell $0.33 (-0.21%) in premarket trading Friday.

While this isn't the first time Apple's devices have experienced battery problems, it's important to note that previous incidents proved to be isolated with a handful of devices. However, it is also said that many Apple fans are awaiting iPhone X's release due in November.

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