Trump and cabinet members gather at Camp David for storm update

Trump and cabinet members gather at Camp David for storm update

Trump and cabinet members gather at Camp David for storm update

Trump, Pence and several Cabinet members participated in the briefing from Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland where Trump spent the weekend monitoring Irma. "I tell that to everybody at this table, do what's right, don't play politics".

"It's all about coordination, I think we're really well coordinated, as well as you can possibly be" Trump said, adding that he was about to head into meetings on Irma relief efforts.

The President reserved special praise for the Coast Guard and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

'We're as prepared as you can be for such an event, that I can say. "When you go in there, you don't know if you're going to come out".

Asked what aspects of the storm concerned the administration the most, Pence said "the briefing at Camp David this morning caused the president to have great concern" as experts have warned of risky and heavy winds pushing a crippling storm surge in its path.

The President added that the response and recovery is "gonna cost a lot of money".

In remarks delivered to the cabinet at the beginning of the meeting, President Trump warned people to "get out of" Hurricane Irma's way.

About 1.2 million residents were already without power, Duke said, reiterating that outages could affect as many as 5 million people.

"Just get out of its way", he said.

Florida Governor Scott said he spoke with Trump on Sunday morning.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott mentioned the call to CNN anchor Jake Tapper on "State of the Union". He met there in August with members of his national security team, but Saturday was the first time Trump had entertained the entire Cabinet there, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who turned 67 on Friday.

Irma devastated the Caribbeans as a top-tier Category 5 storm, killing at least two dozen people and leaving several islands nearly uninhabitable.

Hurricane Irma wasn't the only topic discussed at the fourth gathering of Trumps' Cabinet during his presidency.

"We need to take this seriously", he said.

The White House also said the president also issued a disaster declaration on Puerto Rico on Sunday and expanded federal funding available to the US Virgin Islands in the wake of the hurricane. "Safety must come first to worry about", the president said addressing the U.S. citizens in a video from the meeting, released on his Twitter page.

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