Security Risks That Underscore the Equifax Debacle

Security Risks That Underscore the Equifax Debacle

Security Risks That Underscore the Equifax Debacle

Credit reporting company Equifax Inc blamed a web server vulnerability in its open-source software, called Apache Struts, for the recent data breach that compromised personal details of as many as 143 million USA consumers.

There's a really good chance you are one of almost 143-million people nationwide affected by Equifax's recent data breach.

If you're one of the 143 million Americans who had your personal information stolen by hackers thanks to Equifax, you now need to be on the lookout because thieves may want more from you. The website also has other information about the breach, including contact information for Equifax if you have additional questions.

Terri Englishbee described the feeling finding out her personal information has been compromised in the recent Equifax data breach. Everyone keeps asking me if they should put a freeze on their credit.

Sen. Sherrod Brown says the company's offer of credit monitoring for one year is not enough. For example, the site's URL - - looks suspicious, and it is built on a stock version of WordPress, which has experienced a number of security issues and attacks in recent years.

Review your bank statements, credit card statements, and other account statements for suspicious charges: Contact the bank or credit card company immediately if you see charges you don't recognize.

KAKE News reached out to Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt to see if Kansas will file a class action lawsuit against Equifax.

Promptly report this to the account provider.Having a credit application denied when there is no reason to believe there is a problem with the credit history.

Since Equifax announced the breach last week, the Attorney General's office has received a number of calls from concerned Arkansans - and hopes more will do the same. The Commerce website has a form you can use to request a freeze from the three major credit reporting agencies.

You can also freeze your credit. "You're entitled to a free one".

If you choose to freeze your credit to prevent someone else from opening new accounts in your name, the fee is $10 for Virginia residents and free for North Carolina residents. "My best advice - get signed up for online services and alerts with your bank and credit card companies".

Equifax backed down. You can now get credit monitoring without waiving your right to sue.

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