Meet Amazon's Completely Refreshed Lineup of New Echo Devices

Meet Amazon's Completely Refreshed Lineup of New Echo Devices

Meet Amazon's Completely Refreshed Lineup of New Echo Devices

Under pressure from Amazon and its onslaught of Echo devices, Google is reportedly working on a new Google Home device, which will compete directly with Echo Show.

"It seems Google may have many Homes in various stages of development, there's the Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and now apparently a Google Assistant-powered device with a 7" Screen codenamed "Manhattan".

TechCrunch notes that the search giant was previously working on devices with big screen sizes to take on full-sized televisions, but now, it is focusing on the Google Manhattan device.

Please don't mistake my scepticism for a lack of excitement, I'd buy the hell out of any Google Home screen device.

Like the company of Mark Zuckerberg and the Echo Show, the dimensions of the screen would be around 7 inches, which seems to have become nearly unintentional in the standard for these models. If you are eager to know what's new on the second generation of Amazon Echo smart speaker, then here's the details.

Makers in the supply chains for Google Home and Apple's HomePad are also likely to see strong sales in 2018 as Google is set to announce new Google Home devices in October and Apple is to release new HomePod products in December. The Echo already supports calling between Echos, but that acts more like an intercom system. The new Amazon Echo is priced at $99. With the addition, Echo devices are now taking the bold step of jumping into smart home control rather than just voice controlled smartphone-aided utilities.

It's not just the number of devices that reflect the significance of the announcement.

The Echo Show was originally launched with YouTube support, Google blocked the YouTube access on Show citing violation of terms of service.

Amazon also launched the Echo Spot, a small circular speaker created to sit on a nightstand or desk.

Amazon also introduced Echo Connect, which is a $35 box that will allow you to place phone calls to landlines using your existing Amazon Echo units. Amazon complained about that move saying there was no "technical reason for that decision" despite their own moves to do things like not make Amazon Prime available for casting on Chromecast devices.

Amazon dominates the market with 76 percent of the US installed base, or about 15 million devices, while Google Home has about 5 million devices, or 24 percent of the market, data from CIRP shows.

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