Manchester City under fire for loan deals

Manchester City under fire for loan deals

Manchester City under fire for loan deals

English Premier League club #Manchester City have confirmed via a statement that they are seeking legal counsel ahead of taking "appropriate action" against #La Liga chief #Javier Tebas after the Spaniard alleged that City has infringed Financial Fair Play regulations.

"Manchester City paid almost £900m, PSG £868m for transfers, If we don't control the situation the whole industry will become destructured".

Manchester City are caught up in a legal dispute with the president of the Spanish league after being accused of trying to "cook the books" with players loaned to Girona.

"The Ligue de Football Professionnel strongly condemns the insulting remarks made by the president of LaLiga, Mr Javier Tebas, concerning Paris Saint-Germain", the statement read.

Tebas wrote letters to European football's governing body on 22 August asking for both PSG and Manchester City, funded by Abu Dhabi United Group, to be fully investigated for benefitting from "state-aid" that is "irreparably harming the football industry".

Tebas argues that because clubs such as City and French giants PSG have accrued a disproportionate amount of funding he believes is not reflective of footballing success, action should now be taken to stop them "destructuring" European football. These past few years Manchester City have paid out almost a thousand million on players, PSG £950m.

Over the course of the summer, Girona signed five City players on loan - Douglas Luiz, Marlos Moreno, Larry Kayode, Aleix Garcia and Pablo Maffeo. "I need more money from TV, otherwise Manchester City with its oil will take all these players".

"We note the public comments made by Mr Tebas today and earlier this week", City Football Group said in a widely-reported statement on Wednesday.

"These words are not worthy of an institution as respectable and effective as the Spanish league.

But if PSG want, they can just open the gas and buy", said Tebas.

CFG added La Liga new boys Girona to a stable that also includes clubs in Australia, Japan, Uruguay and the US.

"This is when the football clubs have a competitive advantage not coming from the club itself". They are not financial doping.

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