Knifeman arrested for attacking soldier in Paris

Knifeman arrested for attacking soldier in Paris

Knifeman arrested for attacking soldier in Paris

According to information from local media sources, citing the police services, the assailant, quickly neutralized by the soldier, was shouting remarks referring to Allah.

A French soldier has been attacked at the Châtelet metro station in Paris by a knife-wielding man on 15 September, according to wire reports.

The person reportedly attacked the soldier with a knife.

The attack came shortly before the explosion at Parsons Green station in London and hours after the French government announced changes to its anti-terrorism operation amid concerns that troops on patrol had become easy targets. The attacker was overpowered by the soldier and arrested. "The man has been seized, which is further proof of the professionalism and efficiency of the Sentinel soldiers in this protection mission", she said.

On August 9, at least six French soldiers were injured, three of them seriously, when they were hit by a vehicle in a north-western Paris suburb.

The local prosecutor's office said witnesses of the attack in a public park of the town center heard the attacker shout Allahu Akbar while hitting the women, who were taken to hospital but whose life is not in danger.

Including the attacks today in Paris and Burgundy, France has already seen 10 terrorist incidents in 2017. The attacker died when the vehicle caught fire and no soldiers were injured. The attacker is believed to not be known to police.

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