Kirkuk governor says Iraqi parliament vote to remove him 'unlawful'

Kirkuk governor says Iraqi parliament vote to remove him 'unlawful'

Kirkuk governor says Iraqi parliament vote to remove him 'unlawful'

The next target of the Iraqi government might be Hawija District in southern Kirkuk Governorate, a referendum at such a time can do nothing but harm for the current situation.

Kareem is a vocal supporter of the referendum and campaigned for the vote also to be held in Kirkuk.

"In this respect, we are calling on the KRG to act with common sense and to give up its mistaken approach as soon as possible".

A breakdown of the vote was not immediately available. "That is the only body that can remove him".

According to McGurk, the President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani welcomed the "constructive discussions" in a meeting with the United States official and coalition members.

Iraq's parliament voted on Thursday to sack the governor of oil-rich Kirkuk over his decision for the northern province to vote in a Kurdish independence referendum opposed by Baghdad.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Kurdish region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, said the referendum is "a natural right".

Karim described the vote as an "illegal decision".

The parliament in Baghdad authorised the prime minister to "take all measures" to preserve Iraq's unity in response to the move to hold an independence referendum in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region on September 25.

Kareem has long riled the federal government with his aspirations for Kurdish independence.

A Kurdish leading party on Thursday rejected the decision of the move.

The governor said he keeps his position despite the vote.

"This is unlawful. I have the support of the government council, I have the support of the people, we are here and we will continue", he said.

The Turkish foreign ministry warned in a statement that the Iraqi Kurdish leaders' call for a referendum was "worrying".

The outlet cited Yasin Izaddin, the PUK's deputy head in Kirkuk, as saying that they voted to exclude Kirkuk because they do not want to "gamble" with the fate of the province fearing that a clash may take place as the result between the Kurdish Peshmerga and the mainly Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi forces.

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