Irma to make landfall in Florida Sunday, minor impacts locally

Irma to make landfall in Florida Sunday, minor impacts locally

Irma to make landfall in Florida Sunday, minor impacts locally

A handful of National Weather Service offices in the central United States, including the office serving the Council Bluffs-Omaha metropolitan area, are playing a part in monitoring power-packed Hurricane Irma.

The goal is to gather more information about how our incoming weather patterns will affect the hurricane and how the hurricane will impact us here in the Northland.

In a posting made to both its Facebook and Twitter channels, the team in Mount Holly advised anyone with friends and family in South Florida to encourage them to listen to advice from local officials with regard to evacuation orders.

Along with Hurricane Irma, meteorologists are also tracking Jose, a smaller hurricane in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

According to Pfaff, this would allow the storm to retain its strength as it moves over water, expanding as it approaches the Carolina Coast.

Hurricane Irma carries maximum sustained winds of 160 miles per hour.

Florence and Hartsville are projected by the National Weather Service to get more than three inches of rain from Sunday through Tuesday and Marion close to three inches. Typically, weather balloon launches occur every twelve hours.

The balloons rise to 80,000 to 100,000 feet before deflating and slowly falling downwind, the Valley office said.

"As (Irma's) track started to shift more westward and pose a greater threat to Alabama, we have in turn adjusted the necessary staff and resources to ensure the greatest level of preparedness", Alabama EMA Director Brian Hastings said Saturday night. Extra releases are also sometimes used on a regional scale, when forecasters expect an outbreak of severe weather and tornadoes, for example.

Here is the latest map for Irma's predicted path from the National Hurricane Center.

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