Gas prices rise in Las Vegas

Gas prices rise in Las Vegas

Gas prices rise in Las Vegas

A year ago, the state average was $2.32.

The national average for a gallon of gas Monday was above $2.66, and both metro Albany and Georgia, which usually have prices below the USA average, were well above that number.

As hurricanes remained in the picture, consumers continued to deal with a spike in gas prices.

As almost 7 million Florida residents flee the path of Hurricane Irma, gas is in short supply and prices have risen sharply.

AAA Michigan surveys daily fuel prices at 2,800 gas stations across the state. "However, the effects finally starting to weaken as refineries return to production and fuel begins to flow once again from many Houston refineries, said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy". Once again, motorists shouldn't expect to see any impact from Irma on gasoline prices due to the path being a considerable distance from sensitive areas of the energy sector. Overall, the potential storm-related increase in gas buying, combined with delivery delays will likely cause gas prices to continue increasing into the weekend.

Prices had already been on the upswing thanks to Hurricane Harvey closing down a significant amount of America's refinery capacity in Texas when Hurricane Irma stormed into view, packing Interstate 75 with Florida residents fleeing north. Harvey also forced the temporary shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, which delivers much of Georgia's gasoline. Still, the statewide average is up 2.4 cents from last week, 46.3 cents from last month and 63.7 cents from a year ago, the survey shows.

"With the summer driving season now over, motorists stand to benefit from falling demand", DeHaan added. says the Monday average was $2.69 in Kalamazoo, $2.72 in Grand Rapids and $2.71 in Lansing.

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