Eman Abdul Atti,'world's heaviest woman,' dies in hospital

Eman Abdul Atti,'world's heaviest woman,' dies in hospital

Eman Abdul Atti,'world's heaviest woman,' dies in hospital

Iman Abd Al-Ati, once the world's heaviest woman, at weight 500 kg, passed away early Monday in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), local media reported.

Doctors said she died on Monday morning of complications including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

She had spent her birthday at the Burjeel Hospital with her family, eating her favourite chicken sandwich, The Indian Express report said. "They were also grateful to the rulers and people of the UAE for their support ro Ms Eman during her treatment in Abu Dhabi".

Her large weight as a young girl caused her to have to crawl to move locations, however, she suffered a cerebral stroke in her teens.

She had turned 37 a few weeks ago. "Inna-lillahi-wa-inna-ilayhi-raji-un. You shall always remain in my thoughts and prayers #EmanAhmed.Shall forever remember her smile RIP".

She reportedly lost 324 kg during her weight-loss treatment at the Mumbai hospital; she was on a special liquid diet to reduce her weight enough so that doctors could perform bariatric surgery.

She had not left her bed since her pre-teens and had to be flown to India from Egypt on a specially-modified cargo plane. The surgery, performed by a medical team led by Dr Lakdawala took place on March 7 and within a month doctors at the Saifee hospital had claimed that she had lost almost 242 kg. "She was infected with a very aggressive kind of bacteria", said Dr Neehad Khawala, head of intensive care unit at Burjeel Hospital. Days before she left for the Abu Dhabi hospital, she had weighed in at 176 kg.in the presence of this reporter.

Offered this "new hope", the family and doctors began documenting Abd El Aty's journey on a blog called "Save Eman".

Eman was bedridden for years and her plight first came to light when her family issued an online plea for help.

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